Once we have established a health baseline or diagnosis for your horse, we can start to incorporate a management strategy to encourage healing and prevent injury. At MEC, we have the expertise and skill set to performance limiting conditions of the equine athlete with the below services.


MEC provides a high standard of equine podiatry to both manage foot related lameness issues and keep your horse competing at the highest level. We have a wide range of high quality products sourced from around the globe along with the expertise and knowledge of how to apply the right orthopaedic shoe for your horse. MEC also works alongside other farriers to keep your team of horse health care professionals all working on the same goals

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Biomechanical Adjustments

Manipulation of the axial skeleton (neck, back and pelvis) are important for the mobilisation of the horse. It helps to improve your horse’s fluidity and in turn, reduce the chances of other secondary problems. At MEC we have a wholistic approach to managing the performance horse, which includes biomechanical adjustments


Use of products such as IRAP, PRP, Pro-Stride, Stem Cells and Arthramid to target specific musculoskeletal injuries.

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If we identify a musculoskeletal injury, we may need to design a graded return to exercise. We can write the program for you to perform at home, or alternatively, we have a treadmill, stables and yards to rehabilitate your horse back to soundness. We also have a shockwave machine and therapeutic laser for the management of musculoskeletal injuries.

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