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Laminitis Management Program

with Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Our LMP includes the 4 components below: 



Using the information from your completed LMP Questionnaire you and your veterinarian will have an in-depth discussion of your horses history, your concerns and your goals prior to your appointment.




X-Rays of all four feet with a complete assessment of internal structures and angles followed by any recommendations.


The Wellness Insulin Test if a stall-side blood test that allows veterinarians to instantly determine a horse's metabolic status.



You will recieve a detailed report with recommendations for corrective shoeing or trimming techniques, rehabilitation and management plans.

What is Laminitis?

The pedal bone is adhered to the hoof wall via the lamellar attachment. The laminae are tiny finger like projections that form a 'velcro-like' bond between the hoof wall and pedal bone.

Laminitis is the inflammation and subsequent breakdown of the attachment between the hoof wall and pedal bone. Once this detachment occurs, the pedal bone is no longer suspended within the hoof capsule. This causes compression of the corium which affects the blood supply to the foot. Once the blood supply to the foot is damaged, new hoof wall or sole cannot grow.

Dr Luke has perfected many modern techniques and rehabilitation plans to assist horses to make a full recovery.

Laminitis horse rehabilitation with Dr Luke Wells-Smith 

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