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Our Equine Programs

We proudly present our newest packages tailored to suit all horse and rider combinations of all levels. With four packages to choose from we have our popular Equine Athlete Program,  the Veterinary Podiatry Program and the Laminitis Management Program.

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Equine Athlete Program

Dr Luke Wells-Smith 

The Equine Athlete Program (EAP) is designed for all disciplines, ages and levels of riding. It gives a great baseline of how your horse is currently working and performing. For some owners, it is peace of mind that they can continue to progress with the horse's training. For others, they know the horse just doesn't seem quite right and our program helps to identify and manage the issue. ​


Veterinary Podiatry Program

Dr Luke Wells-Smith

No hoof, no horse! Our Veterinary

podiatry package is designed to locate lameness issues going on inside our equine partners with the ability to also view the internal structures of the hoof and give our clients the information needed to get back out and do what they love.


Laminitis Management Program

Dr Luke Wells-Smith

The Veterinary Laminitis Package

was created to help diagnose  horses at all stages of this disease and start the recovery process under the skillful eye of Dr Luke. 

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