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Laser Therapy

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What is a laser?
Low Level Lasers use light at specific wavelengths and varying frequencies to enhance healing of the soft tissue. The light energy has a positive effect on the physiology of individual cells to improve the healing process. Low Level Lasers are used for wound healing, tissue regeneration, inhibiting inflammation and pain. 

How does laser therapy work? 
Laser light of a defined wavelength stimulates physiological processes at a cellular level  - this is known as photobiostimulation. Lasers bundle only those portions of natural light that are most effective for healing. 

What injuries can we use Low Level Laser to manage the equine athlete?

As mentioned - Low Level Laser can be used to manage soft tissue injuries. These includeTendon and ligament injuries such as flexor tendinitis, suspensory ligament desmitis etcWoundsCellulitis or swelling‍Because of the healing properties of Low Level Laser they need to be used on a daily basis for the first 5 days. After that they can be utilised on a reducing frequency such as every 2-3 days for a following 2-4 weeks. Because of this, we typically like to have the horse at the hospital initially and use laser in combination with a graded exercise program.We have a package available for horses that require multiple treatments - call us today for more information.

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