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Pre Purchase Exams

in-clinic or at one of our travel  location


What is a pre-purchase examination?

When looking to buy it is advised to have a pre-purchase veterinary

examination or also know as "vetting". The objective is to reduce the buyer's risks to identify existing medical or physical conditions and understanding how these may impact the horse's suitability for the intended use, as well as address any potential problems that may affect future soundness (e.g degenerative joint disease).

The pre-purchase examination is conducted on behalf of the individual or party who intend to purchase the horse. This is to avoid conflict or interest with the vendor (seller).

What is included in a pre-purchase examination?

" This is only a guide "

A true pre-purchase examination will consist of a thorough physical examination and a moving examination with limb flexions to check for lameness. During the physical examination the following system should be checked:

1) Skin / Hair coat / Lymph nodes - also check for any scars from prior surgery

2) Cardiovascular system - should be checked prior to and after exercise

3) Respiratory system - Should be checked prior to and after exercise

4) Gastrointestinal system

5) Eyes - should be examined with an ophthalmoscope

6) Teeth + oral cavity - this will help to identify age of the horse

7) Temperature

8) Urogenital system - especially if animal will/may be used for breeding purposes

9) Nervous system - complete neurological examination

10) Musculoskeletal system - hoof test all four feet and observe shape and quality of hoof. Note: if barefoot or shod and type of shoe. Palpate limbs for splints, pain, tendon/ligament abnormalities. Palpate back for soreness. Fleck neck and back. Watch the horse walk and trot in a straight line and in a circle in both directions on a firm surface. Repeat on a soft surface if possible. Flexion exams of front and hind limbs to check for lameness that might be exacerbated by stressing the joint. In some cases it may be helpful for your veterinarian to see the horse being ridden. 

After the vet has finished, the potential purchaser will receive a comprehensive examination to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) standards with a full report.

Client Confidentiality

As veterinary surgeons we have a strict duty of care to the client who has instructed us to carry out the vetting. Any information that is revealed during the examination is for the person or party requesting the examination only.

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MEC Packages

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